Schools and Universities

In recent years, George and Heather have been asked to go into Universities to “teach the teachers”. Many of them had never handled dough before, and were to be expected to teach youngsters.

Business Awards

In 2013, Fullers Bakery was nominated for the Goole and Howdenshire Business Awards. Imagine our surprise when we learned that we’d made the short list!

Making a Wheatsheaf

Many requests are made to local Craft Bakers at Harvest festival time for a Wheatsheaf to decorate their local church. Fullers Bakery is no exception, but, have you ever wondered how they are made?

Craft Bakers Week

In the past we’ve participated in several of the weeks, instigated by Craft Bakers Association, for those who don’t know, Craft Bakers Association is a trade association run for and on behave of the baking industry.