New Season, New Specialities

New Season, New Specialities

We at Fullers Bakery strive to bring our customers new and innovative products.

This month sees the launch of 2 new speciality breads, Fibre plus and Multi-Seed Vitality and the return of an old favourite,Chia.

Fibre plus is exactly what it says it is; it is high in fibre, a source of protein and good for your gut.

Multi-Seed Vitality is also high in protein, high fibre and supports metabolism, teeth and bones and immune system. It is also good for your gut.

Chia contains chia seeds which are full of 9 essential amino acids and high levels of essential fatty acids to help cardiovascular health. It is also high in fibre, containting oatmeal, barley flakes and linseed.

What is there not to like? All these breads are delicious toasted and make the perfect partner for both sweet and savoury accompaniments.

Remember! Seven days without bread makes one weak!!