Eat Your Heart Out the £10 Loaf!

Eat Your Heart Out the £10 Loaf!

On October 7th this year, the villagers of North Dalton, high in the Yorkshire Wolds, gathered in their village hall to enjoy the annual Harvest Supper.

This is no ordinary event: residents bring along produce they have reared, grown or made to be auctioned for local charities.

After a brief service of thanksgiving followed by supper, they get down to the serious business of relieving people of their cash!
Local auctioneer, David Atkinson is extremely proficient at this and he manages to do it in a very painless and good-humoured way.

Among this year’s goodies to be had, we’re Mr. Clancy’s prize onions, Auntie Pam’s scrumptious chocolate cake, Farmer Nettleton’s lamb, jointed of course and Fullers Bakery’s largest bloomers.

Not for us the £10 loaf; oh no! We achieved more than that. Our extra large brown and white bloomers, lovingly crafted by Baker George Fuller, sold for £9, £10 and £11 each.

Pictured is Mr. Kev Ellis of North Dalton with his prized Fullers white bloomer.

This fun evening raised £1100 for charities and, as you can see, made Mr. Ellis a very happy bread lover.

……….Would you like a position in one of our shops, Mr. Atkinson???!!